Saturday, July 25, 2009

Robin Trower and Jack Bruce - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London - 5/8/09

According to Jack Bruce the set list for the current short tour with Robin Trower will comprise all - or most - of the eleven tracks from their collaborative album, "Seven Moons". The rest of the set will include the usual "classics" from Jack, 'Politician,' 'White Room,' 'Sunshine of your Love,' 'We're Going Wrong.' Only 'Carmen' from "B.L.T." will be included in the set. It is disappointing Robin and Jack have elected to play again - live - the whole of the "Seven Moons" album which, I believe, has its share of unmelodious songs, and dismal lyrics.

Some of the songs from the "B.L.T." or "Truce" albums - both released in 1981 - deserve inclusion in the set, and would provide a much needed change in tempo, light and shade, during the performance. During the earlier short tour, the music was - at intervals - pedestrian. Robin and Jack possess the skill, virtuosity, and confidence, to create a set that highlights their collaborative body of work in better light. It is evident Jack's vocal delivery on some of the tracks 'live' cause him some difficulty; the keys to some songs have been changed to decrease the stress on Jack's vocal chords, and, indeed, overall health.

It's a shame Robin and Jack never found time in their busy schedules to tour together during the ' 90s. Whether the current concerts, and the album "Seven Moons," stand the test of time is anyone's guess.


Jerome Serra said...

With all due respect to your opinion on JB & RT set choice and performance on their 7 Moons tour, I thoroughly enjoyed the CD of the concert and can easily forgive Jack for his inability to hit the same notes in his later years.

Jerome Serra said...

One more note. I agree...what a wonderful thing it would have been if they could have gone live when Jack had his health.