Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeff Beck to play London O2 Arena with Eric Clapton - 13 & 14 February 2010

Jeff and Eric will take to the stage at the O2 Arena on 13 & 14 February 2010 to each play a retrospective set followed by a joint performance.

Jeff Beck said the two "had a blast" playing together in Japan, while E.C. heaped praise on his friend. "I've always considered Jeff to be one of the finest guitar players around. He's a friend, a great guy, and a truly gifted musician. We had such a fun time in Japan that it seemed natural to play together again."

Tickets for the O2 Arena gig go on sale on 28/9/09.

No doubt this project will prove beneficial and a success for both Jeff and E.C. I prefer to see Jeff playing on stage with his own band for the whole show. We are all exceptional cases, of course. I must confess I find Eric's appearance the only low-point on the DVD, "Jeff Beck: Performing This Week - Live At Ronnie Scott's" which tends to make the CD a bit special.

Double8Tickets was selling tickets cheap [sic] if you had the cash. When musicians you admire charge such high prices for a concert, and in the throes of an economic recession, you begin to wonder. The blame doesn't reside solely with "independent ticket brokers" ...

Arena Floor - (Block A) VERY FRONT ROW - £795.00!

Arena Floor - (Block A) - £395.00!

Who's that with long hair and white shirt - centre stage - enjoying the show? Ronnie Kerrigan? Surely not?

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Madam Miaow said...

Excuse me, HOW MUCH? Surely you moved a decimal point. Holy cripes, who pays this much? Don't they know there's a credit crunch going down? How can they fill an Arena if all the blocks reflect this price up front?

Don't tell me, it's the bankers (rhyming slang entirely unintentional).

Thanks for letting me know about the gig, Ronnie. Are you going?