Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Robin Trower - UK and European Tour - Sep & Oct 2010

Robin Trower and his band will be undertaking a UK and European tour during September and October 2010. Don't miss the opportunity to witness 'live' a truly creative guitarist with a distinctive sound and inspired song writing ability.

Some talented musicians grow into maturity and then decline swiftly or slowly. Robin isn’t one of those – he continues to mature musically, play with creativity and passion, and is an inspiration to musicians, fans and music lovers alike.

I am attending two concerts and will be posting a review of one of the shows.

Concert Dates:

11/09/10 - Academy, Glasgow
14/10/10 - TBA, Monaco

An important aspect of the tour will be the set list. Robin says it will include some new songs and [perhaps] restoration of some old favourites that are truly atmospheric live, for example, "Daydream" - a classic song.

Best wishes to Robin and the band for an enjoyable and successful tour in 2010.

This footage is dedicated to Robin, Pete, Davey, and Glenn. Thanks for the music and the vibe.

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