Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Robin Trower - "The Playful Heart" - Studio CD - Release Date: 7 December 2010

The latest studio album from Robin Trower is certainly intriguing and compelling. I would recommend the album to anyone who enjoys classic rock, blues, and jazz. The musicianship from Robin, Pete, Glenn, and Davey is outstanding, as is the production by Livingston Brown. The songs are diverse, and most are weaved in magic.

Track Listing:
  1. The Playful Heart
  2. Don't Look Back
  3. The Turning
  4. Dressed In Gold
  5. Find Me
  6. Song For Those Who Fell
  7. Maybe I Can Be A Friend
  8. Prince Of Shattered Dreams
  9. Camille
  10. Not Inside - Outside
  11. And We Shall Call It Love
Further details of album and ordering: Amazon and The Official Robin Trower Store